Preschool Director

Posted: 06/15/2022

First Lutheran Church of Richmond Beach
First Lutheran Preschool
18354 8th Ave NW
Shoreline WA 98177
(206) 546-0320
Job Description: Director
Director of First Lutheran Preschool
The director is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the school, supervision of school staff, and coordination with families, students, preschool board, and First Lutheran Church
of Richmond Beach staff. First Lutheran Preschool is a vital ministry of First Lutheran
Church of Richmond Beach. The director is a member of the First Lutheran Church of Richmond Beach ministry staff, and as such reports to the pastor.
• B.A. in Education or related field, or Early Childhood Education degree
• Active membership or ability to become a member of First Lutheran Church of Richmond Beach within 6 months of hire date
• Ability to sign the statement of faith for First Lutheran Church of Richmond Beach
• Adhere to the Mission, Vision & Values of First Lutheran Church of Richmond Beach
• Knowledgeable about basic elements of the Christian faith
• Certification in First Aid & CPR or willingness to become certified by the start of the school year
• High level of proficiency and experience with Microsoft Office/O365 software, Quickbooks, and social media platforms
• Familiarity with Evangelical Lutheran Education Association Region 1 and National opportunities for staff
• Submit to national background check
• Develop and oversee implementation of curriculum for early learners
• Maintain child development and preschool curricular best practices through ongoing professional development
• Remain current with educational and financial trends of preschools in the surrounding community
• Be available to prospective parents for tours, interviews, and responding to questions
• Conduct parent orientation
• Enroll new students and maintain proper enrollment records
• Prepare class lists and rosters
• Maintain student, family, and school staff records, ensuring appropriate confidentiality
Budgeting & Financial Management
Work with Book Keeper for the following:
• Receive monthly tuition payments
• Prepare and recommend yearly budget including tuition rates, payroll and operational expenses
• Administer and award student scholarships
• Coordinate and oversee the preschool budget
• Prepare and present quarterly preschool budgets to the preschool board
• Regularly submit budgets and program updates to the church council and preschool
Faith Leadership
• Conduct and facilitate regular chapel times with school classes
• Provide faith leadership to preschool staff
• Serve on First Lutheran Church of Richmond Beach Faith Formation volunteer team as defined in the First Lutheran Church of Richmond Beach operations manual
• Provide insight and leadership in weekly First Lutheran Church of Richmond Beach church staff meetings
• Encourage involvement of preschool families in the activities and ministries of First Lutheran Church of Richmond Beach
• Plan, organize, and work congenially with other adults including church staff, school staff, parents and volunteers
• Maintain a strong working relationship with the preschool board to inform and coordinate regarding short and long range planning and policies
• Be available to support staff, parents, and children as needed
• Provide updates of school happenings and finances to church council and preschool board
• Meet regularly with Director of Faith Formation regarding the needs of the children at First Lutheran Church of Richmond Beach
• Mediate, facilitate and resolve special concerns and work to maintain a healthy work and school environment
• Facilitate and monitor the use of Bloomz or another parent communications app
Marketing, Outreach & Promotion
• Develop and maintain multimodal strategic communications to reach families, church, and community partners
• Maintain working relationships and connections with other preschool directors in the area
• Coordinate special events
Oversee fundraising efforts and support volunteer engagement in fundraising
• Recruit, hire, and train school staff
• Lead, support, supervise, and evaluate school staff
Coordinate substitute coverage when needed.
• Coordinate school volunteers and implement volunteer policies
• Arrange for and support staff to participate in professional development
• Attend workshops, seminars, classes and engage in book studies and article readings to enhance professional development
Administration & Management
• Maintain awareness of relevant school accreditation and licensure needs
• Coordinate actively and directly with First Lutheran Church of Richmond Beach staff
• Coordinate the use of church resources and spaces by the preschool
• Assure and arrange for clean and safe classrooms and equipment
• Assure that supplies, equipment, and teaching materials are available on an ongoing basis
• Plan and implement relevant safety procedures including fire, earthquake and lock-down drills
• Adhere to all governing documents of First Lutheran Church of Richmond Beach and First Lutheran Preschool
Assure Preschool adheres to Washington State Department of Health guidelines for early childhood centers.
• Willingness to support the potential of expanding to having a kindergarten or other programs that would enhance the ministry of the preschool